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This is the home of the style guides for Doulos Resources, a ministry devoted to making needful things in service to Christ and his church.

Below you'll find menus for our guides for writing/editing style and design style. These are guidelines more than they are rules; the purpose of a style guide is to offer a means to standardization across a book, booklet, or curriculum (and, more generally, across the range of projects a publisher offers). However, consistency is the goal, and variations are allowed and sometimes even preferable, provided that the exceptions are applied with similar consistency.

This is an evolving set of documents. Recommendations for changes can be directed to

Check the list of Updates to the Style Guide for changes.

Writing/Editing Style

For Writers

Guide for Submission

Editor Check-In

Updates to the Style Guide
Common & Frequent Issues to Note

Use of other Style Guides & Reference Works

Style Guides
Other Tools

Basic Style

Formatted & Styled Text
Numbers & Dates


Guide to Abbreviations


Guide to Capitalization

References & Citations

Scripture References & Usage
Citations & Notes

Design Style

Design Style Principles

Philosophy of Design
Guides & References

Designing for Both Print & Digital

Key Ideas
Covers for Digital

Standards for Interior Design

Meta-Issues for Interiors

Book Sizes
The Order of Contents
Additional Back Matter Content
Fundamental Principles & Practices

Pages & Layout

Using Master Pages
Margins & Layout
Designing on a Grid
In-Depth Article on Layout in InDesign (off-site)

Regular Book Elements

Copyright Page
About Doulos Resources Page

Regular Text Elements

Formatting Text
Paragraph & Character Styles
Titles & Subtitles
Running Headers & Footers

Text Boxes, Glyphs, & Other Objects

Using Object Styles
Anchoring Objects within a Text Block
Converting Text Glyphs into Objects

Shortcuts & Time Savers

Shortcuts for Styling Text

Standards for Cover Design

Cover Design Aims & Goals
Working with Templates
Logos, Barcodes, & Other Standardized Items


The links below will be download links for templates (formatted for Adobe InDesign 5.5 or later; for other versions or software, please contact

Submitting Files

How to Submit Your Completed Designs

Notes for Editors, Designers, & Proofreaders

For Editors

Suggested Resources for Editors

For Designers

Suggested Resources on Book Design

For Proofreaders

Proofreading guide for Doulos Resources